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So, I do know a thing or two about free stuff, if I do say so myself. David Esquivel Jr on May 26, at am. Free birthday stuff. Judy braceros on June 23, at pm. Were coming back for my grandsons 6th birthday. Irene Valdez on July 24, at pm. Thank u. Brenda Dickman on August 16, at pm.

Went in California ornia it was awesome. Freebie-Depot on August 26, at am. Darlene — Contact Medieval Times directly. Doris Coppock on September 7, at pm. Kim Villarreal on October 7, at am. Free birthday for my granddaughter her birthday is oct 28 and we I want to join. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You may want to bring your own hand sanitizer, or some wet-naps. Alcohol is served at the bar, or you can make the purchase from the "Wench" assigned to your table.

Prices for drinks are a bit on the high side so bring extra money if drinking is some thing you want to do. Real swords, wooden swords, shields, necklaces, jester hats, etc. Don't dash for the exit after the show. More often than not the knights will come out into the castle and you'll have a great chance to snap a few photos. Thank you so much for your great review of Medieval Times in Dallas.

Our goal is to continue to provide our guests with a great experience each time they visit. Your feedback is always beneficial and greatly appreciated. We do hope you will return to visit us again soon. Please check our Special Offers page on our website for all the latest discounts and offers. Thank you, Dallas medievaltimes.

I've been to 3 Medieval Times Dinner shows over the years. It's always a corny good time.

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Make sure to arrive early, at least an hour. Especially if you are not the first show of the day. This location's parking lot is not set up well, so when previous shows' are trying to exit and you're trying to find a parking spot I would just recommend going to the first show of the day if you can. It does get very crowded in the castle, but the lines move very quickly. Many people are dressed in character and you can take pictures with them, so bring your camera.

They do take a professional souvenir picture of your group when you enter the castle. During the show they'll bring the photos around to see if you want to purchase them. It's like a theme park, you can purchase anything and everything at these places. Photos, side tours, souvenirs, cocktails, etc. The price of the ticket includes the show, the meal, and drinks iced tea or Pepsi only. You eat the entire meal with your hands, their are no utensils.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

It adds to the atmosphere. Your tea or Pepsi will only be refilled once. So you get 2 large mugs total. For the meal - it's actually quite a bit of food. I think depending on when you arrive, you can plan to be here at least 2.

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Look for deal and coupon codes on their website. You can get major discounts. This was pretty expensive for a dinner, but it was so awesome and worth it. The show started at pm on a Tuesday, but we got there about an hour early and that was a good idea because people were lined up already to get in.

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We got the King package on a special deal, and that was also totally worth it because we sat in the front row and got take home pictures and DVDs. Which turned out great. We sat down and they did introductions and then served the food around pm. I have never had better soup in my entire life!!! The Chicken and sides were also super good.

It was so tasty. Everything is eat with your hands, which I didn't mind at all. It was so fun and entertaining. After dinner they started the jousting and fighting, though it was scripted looking it was still pretty cool and I loved rooting for my knight. It was really easy to follow and also looked great.

I would say this is a great family adventure, date night, or just go with friends. I recommend it to anyone. Make a fun evening for the family - all will enjoy the experience. Fun things to explore while your waiting for the show to begin! Thank you so much for your review of Medieval Times in Dallas. This was a great family activity! My boys loved everything about it - the food, the knights and their jousting, and the stalls.

My only drawback for me was the crowds, but that was my issue.

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I wanted my boys, 5 and 16, to have a great time and they did! My husband was skeptical about paying for tickets to Medieval Times, but he had the most fun! You'll want to arrive early, and by early I mean at least an hour. The advantage of being there and getting in line earlier than others is the beginning of the excitement for the rest of the event. The first guests will have a front row viewing to the royal court and trumpeters greeting the guests before the show even begins. Thankfully the lines move very quickly, even if you're purchasing your tickets at the door. The hour before the show begins you'll be able to peruse what looks like the inside of a castle and many people dressed in character while mingling with the guests.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Bring your camera! Pictures are welcome and the characters will happily pose with you! The price of the ticket includes the show, the meal, and drinks water, iced tea, or Pepsi products bar drinks are extra. There are plenty of souvenirs and gifts to be purchased, but no one is pushy about it. Stop and take the photos as you walk in because it's fun. You don't have to buy the photo, but you may want to. Also, look for deal and coupon codes online and you will find them for nearly half price of general admission!