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A rebate is similar to a coupon, with the main exception being that the discount or incentive is received after the purchase. In order to achieve that incentive, the consumer needs to cut out the coupon part of the packaging and either mail it back to an address, or visit a retailer, or access the discount via online means.

A coupon will allow consumer to get an immediate incentive, whereas a rebate requires a customer to act after purchase to receive the incentive or discount.

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Related topics Goals of coupons and rebates Effectiveness of coupons and rebates. Terms and Conditions. Two common promotional vehicles used in a sales promotion program are coupons and rebates. Previous Previous post: Challenges of a product improvement. I based an entire membership credits solution based on this plugin. I wouldn't be possible otherwise Good job and support! Just a great and powerfull WooCommerce-Plugin! Really helped improving sales and made our live with E-Commerce much easier.

There are other third party plugins which I could work in to do so, but fewer the bloat the better, so using workarounds for the time being. Its doing well for my intended use. I do see it has a lot more features that i yet have to explore. Support was on point. The plugin is easy to install and configure, the tutorials are quite easy to understand, and there are options for almost any scenario. And, if stuck, support is both fast and friendly.

Would definitely recommend. It works just like it says. Also, they answer questions. I've had several since installing it and they are helpful and and straight to the point. Is this app perfect? Is any app perfect? No, but this app incorporates more features than any other coupon app we have found, and we are finding clever marketing uses for them. Having the ability to attach a product to a coupon code has endless possibilities. And offering discount codes that can include or exclude shipping is brilliant.

What really gets the 5-star rating is the customer support! Customer support is outstanding. These guys really understand the app, and understand an issue you describe. Support is accurate, relevant and prompt. Please don't change this and I will be a customer for many years. Allow for easier customization of emails sent from app to customer. Easier customization of, or more options for smart coupon design. Still a 5-star app though! We had a little trouble communicating initially but the end results where fantastic!

The product is great the integration is easy and allows for a huge number of options. Thank you so much for taking the time to work with our site! Smart Coupons works like a charm and does what it says. We chose it because we needed to import existing gift card codes into our new shop. No hiccups there, everything worked great. The plugin was relatively easy to set up and use, too.

The documentation is quite detailed and easy to follow. Also, the support is great. Everyone's always been helpful with our questions and requests.

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Thumbs up! I wish there was a possibility to track the usage of individual coupons. It would definitely improve our customer experience. Smart Coupons functionality is far ahead of the standard coupon functionality of WooCommerce. They regularly update their plugin and listen carefully to customer feedback. I had a suggestion for a new feature which they implemented in short time with excellent code quality and communication. The support team answered all of my support requests very timely and left no questions open.

I'm very satisfied with Smart Coupons and can recommend it to anyone looking for more than standard coupon handling in WooCommerce. I need more personalization. Is not fully compatible with WPML. I need to add texts and traslate some things but I am forced to change core files to do that. Add more options, translations compatibilities and you need to add e-mail CSS customizer because it looks horrible in mailing notifications. Our pre-sales decision was based on the functionality bandwidth offered by this plugin in addition to the rave reviews this product has garnered.

Post-sales, we have been pleasantly surprised by the extent of customer service and how they've been always there solving our issues such that this plugin helps us take quick and better business decisions.

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We would like to send out a shout-out particularly to Mr. Ratnakar Dubey and his team at StoreApps who have replied to every query and helped us configure this plugin to help create offers such as free sample trials on our website. Here are certain things that we feel would greatly enhance the shopper experience: 1.

Function to modify text or edit with use of fonts and font styling to create impact 2. Presence of image or thumbnails of products or similar in the coupon itself to make the coupon resonate with the audience and facilitate impulse buying behaviour 3.

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If Smart Coupons can have the option to appear as Pop-ups on the cart page, to help upsells or shoppers take advantage of better suggestions or offers. I haven't discovered all the features yet but what I've used I find great and already see people using the 'new customer' coupon. I've had contact with the maker of this plugin and must say that his help was perfect and quick.

I definitely recommend giving the smart coupons a try!

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I told the maker of the plugin what I thought could be improved and he did that right away. I had a slight configuration issue on the variable product — you need to set each of the amounts for every variable otherwise it shows out of stock but the support was excellent and resolved it very quickly. Add the option to not use the Store Credit to pay for upcoming subscriptions but only for simple products. It does everything it says! My clients have become complete self sufficient and can create coupon codes without any trouble.

This is a powerful tool! I put it to use right away and haven't even scratched the surface of its potential. Wonderful support! I had a CSS issue with the gift certificate on the checkout page and Mansi responded to my support request and solved the problem quickly. I weighed the pros and cons of several different products before choosing this one.

I'm glad I did. Works very well adding specific features and parameters to coupons in WooCommerce. We use the feature that lets you send out a coupon with a specific product order all the time, and just set up a Gift Certificate product, which was really easy! Support is great and quick.

Very happy with our purchase!

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Perhaps a little more customization on the coupons themselves would be nice so that we have more control over the look if it. The latest version is definitely a step in that direction but having more thorough customization for those that want it would be great! Tutorials could be more detailed. And please add more choices to coupon validity settings. Timers, setting up between two fixed time etc. Possibly adding a beginning day coupons start rather than just expiration dates. Other than that its been great for our website. Thank you! Very flexible. Can be tricky because you can add coupons and store credits in so many ways, but their support is very responsive and will walk you through an questions.

I would ask for more documentation, but that's only because we use Smart Coupons for very specific uses. When we wanted to make sure we were setting the coupon up right, they replied to us within a day and got the answers we needed. This has some very nice features and is exactly what my customer wanted.

The support is also very good and attentive. Purchased this to offer gift certificates, but find the ease of other uses make it a keeper. This plugin allows me to add a username to the credit and allow them to use it only once and specify that they can use it along with a weekly sale coupon.

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Not only was all this super easy for me to setup and maintain, but this is easier than promo code for users because all they have to do it click on the coupon. Smart Coupons does exactly what I need it to. Highly recommended. My theme had a conflict with coupon colors, and support was very fast and helpful in solving the problem for me. Well explained. Perfect Functionality. So far no Problems. It is running more than one year on my Website. Could have a bit more Woocommerce bookings integration, but anything can be accomplished with filters.

Would be a good idea to let us chose wether or not the customer is able to send the coupon to himself or to send it to someone else in my case, I would like to hide this choice from the customer. WooCommerce - the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. Thanks for contacting StoreApps StoreApps will reply to your questions about Get extension name shortly. While you wait, check out these handy resources:. Got it! Smart Coupons Developed by StoreApps. Rated 4. Every site installation requires a subscription key. Upgrade Your Subscription?

Free Shipping Give free shipping easily — even through store credits and fine tune restriction rules. Advanced Coupon Usage Restrictions Restrict coupon usage by user role, minimum spend, products, product categories, emails, payment methods, shipping methods, expiry time and more. Customizable Designs Includes pre-made designs that are good looking and responsive.

Time Sensitive Discounts, Seasonal Promotions Set coupons to expire at a specific date and time, limit maximum discount amount for percentage discounts, and run automatic seasonal promotions. Location based Coupons Restrict who can use a coupon by their billing or shipping location — country, state, city or zip code.

Easy Coupon Management Review, manage, search and filter coupons easily from a single place. Email Coupons Send coupons and credits via email — easy and automatic! Subscription options A subscription entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase. Live Demo. Support Handled by StoreApps. Details Version 4. How could it be improved? Works as advertised with great support if required How could it be improved? Works well.